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Jesse James American Craftsman TV Series (Minute Intro) from Jesse James on Vimeo.


So a lot of you have been asking when I was coming back on TV.

Over the last year myself and my partner in crime Hildie Katibah have been making the TV show that we want to make. Its called American Craftsman. The focus is purely on skills and amazing craftsmen all over the world.
So far Discovery Channel & History Channel have turned this show down because it does not have any Fake, Staged, Man Made drama. These networks do not think skills are important to their viewers.
I think different. They both pressed me really hard to get me to change the format, but I am standing my ground. TV needs to go back to showing people at their best, and teaching us things we did not know. My heart tells me this show needs to be on PBS or another network that appreciates elevating the content to its viewers.

If you are interested in having this TV series on your network please feel free to contact me or 888-269-0666

Birds Eye Alaska

So I don’t ever really post stuff like this. My better half recently met Kirk and his brother Clay at the Telluride bluegrass festival in June. Kirk was injured in a mountain biking that landed him in a wheel chair. With his determination and and support network he’s doing more then most us would even even dream about. Check out his kick starter campaign and help out if you can. Even if you’re stuck behind a desk in some lame office, You can be sure that with your contribution he’ll be out doing some great things that you can follow along through the lens of his camera.